Surgical Management of Pulmonary Lesions in Rockhill, SC

Piedmont Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery offers surgical management for pulmonary lesions in Rockhill, SC. We develop and execute treatment plans for both benign and malignant pulmonary lesions. Learn more about our approach to patient-centered care by contacting our office for an appointment.

Diagnosing a Pulmonary Lesion

A pulmonary lesion is a small, round growth that appears on the lungs. Opaque and coin-shaped, it is less than 3 cm in diameter. Any larger and it would be considered a pulmonary mass. You may have a single pulmonary lesion or several that occur on the lungs.

It is common to be unaware that a pulmonary lesion is present until undergoing imaging for another issue. This is because there may be no symptoms directly associated with a pulmonary lesion. Symptoms that do occur are related to the condition that caused the lesion to develop.

Once a pulmonary lesion has been detected, it is crucial to learn if it is malignant meaning cancerous, or benign meaning non-cancerous. While a PET scan can help with determining if a lesion is benign or malignant, the most accurate course of action is to perform a biopsy.

Benign Pulmonary Lesion

Benign pulmonary lesions are non-cancerous and occur due to an infection or from previous inflammation that caused the formation of scar tissue. Most benign lesions do not require treatment unless they are due to active infection or inflammation. In this case, those specific conditions would be treated.

Malignant Pulmonary Lesion

Lung cancer is the most common cause of malignant pulmonary lesions. Age and a history of smoking are both risk factors associated with malignancy. The earlier a malignant lesion can be detected the better so that surgery can be performed to remove the lesion before it spreads.

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