3D/ 4D ultrasound imaging

3D/4D surface rendering of the fetus with can better demonstrate abnormalities previously detected with 2D sonography, especially facial, skeletal, and central nervous system abnormalities. Since ultrasound imaging requires skill to interpret, not all patients “connect” with the 2D image of the fetal face. If possible we can always try to obtain a 3D/4D image for the patient so the baby can be “seen” more clearly. 3D/4D imaging requires adequate space between the fetus and the uterine wall, amniotic fluid, and the fetal position “face up” and is therefore is not guaranteed.

3D/4D imaging is available and performed as a courtesy to our patients when the fetus is in a position that allows for the images to be obtained. Unfortunately, 3D/4D ultrasound is extremely position dependent, so it is not always possible to obtain these images for entertainment purposes. In the event we are able to, there is no additional charge for this complimentary service.