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What is a Hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure used to remove the uterus – the hollow organ located in a woman’s pelvis. Also known as the womb, it is where an unborn baby develops and grows during pregnancy. After undergoing this surgery, you will no longer experience a period or be able to become pregnant. You will only be recommended to have a hysterectomy after other treatments have been explored and proven to be unsuccessful.

Types of Hysterectomy

This surgery is highly nuanced and performed based on the condition being treated. There are three different type of hysterectomy surgery that remove all or part of the uterus.

  • Supracervical Hysterectomy — Removal of only the upper part of the uterus.
  • Total Hysterectomy – Removal of the uterus and cervix.
  • Radical Hysterectomy – Removal of the uterus and cervix as well as the surrounding tissue and the top part of the vagina. This is only recommended when cancer has been diagnosed.

Your surgeon may also remove the ovaries as well as the fallopian tubes. This is called a hysterectomy and bilateral salpingectomy-oophorectomy. If the ovaries and fallopian tubes are also removed, your body will start to showcase the symptoms of menopause and you may need to begin hormone therapy as a part of your follow-up care plan.

Why Have a Hysterectomy?

The most common reason to undergo a hysterectomy is to remove uterine fibroids. Although non-cancerous, these masses can cause severe symptoms including pelvic pain and prolonged, heavy bleeding. Additional conditions that may best be treated by having a hysterectomy include:

  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine prolapse
  • Unexplained uterine bleeding
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Gynecologic cancer

Your dedicated medical team will discuss all of the details of your surgery with you including what to expect and how to prepare.

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