STD Screening

Getting tested for a sexually transmitted disease or infection is not automatically a part of your annual checkup, but a time may come when you need to be tested. Turn to Rock Hill GYN & OB for STD screenings in a safe and judgement-free environment. We have locations in both Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC. Feel confident that your dedicated health care providers deliver the care and treatment you deserve with compassion and respect.

What is an STD?

A sexually transmitted disease is an infection that is passed from one person to another during intercourse. This can be vaginal, anal, or oral. STDs are very common and include:

  • HPV
  • Herpes
  • HIV
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Hepatitis B

It is possible to carry and transmit an STD without showing any symptoms. Even when that is the case, it is important to know if you have one so that you can receive treatment and so your sexual partner(s) can know too. Some STDs may be harmless to one person, but if left untreated, certain STDs can be life-threatening.

Should I be Tested for an STD?

Anyone who is sexually active with multiple partners is encouraged to use protection always and to get tested regularly. STDs can happen at any age, but they are more common in sexually active men and women under the age of 25. If you require testing for an STD, we understand you may feel awkward, embarrassed, or perhaps even ashamed. Rest assured that STDs are common and they can happen to anyone who is sexually active. Knowledge is power and STDs can be treated or managed so you can still live a full life. We encourage you to be open and honest about your lifestyle, sexual history, and symptoms. This way we can determine the appropriate testing and you can receive effective treatment.

Schedule Your Appointment

Getting tested is a short and simple process. There is no pain involved, but the peace of mind is well worth quelling any anxiety. Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner about receiving appropriate STD testing. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.