Lab Work & Test Results


For your convenience, we have a lab technician on-site to draw your blood should your physician order lab testing. All testing is sent to either Piedmont Medical Center pathologists or to Lab Corp, a national laboratory, for processing. The results are sent directly to your physician. You will incur charges directly from these outside sources. If your insurance company considers LabCorp to be out of network, please inform us at the time lab work is being done. This is your responsibility.


All patients undergoing mammograms will receive a notification letter from the facility performing the mammogram 7-14 days after the test is performed. If the result is normal, you will not receive a follow-up call from our office. If there is any abnormality, you will receive a call with recommendations and instructions for follow-up. In the event you receive a letter with abnormal results from the facility, please contact our office for further instructions. If you haven’t heard from either the facility or our office within 14 days after your mammogram, please contact our office.

We do not call on pre-natal lab work. These results will be reviewed at your new OB appointment with your physician.

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