Give yourself the brightest start to a healthy pregnancy. When you and your partner are planning to become pregnant, there are steps you can take to ensure you are in the best health possible before trying to conceive. Rock Hill GYN & OB in both Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC, offers family planning and pre-pregnancy visits to make sure your health is where it needs to be. These visits are also an opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns you may have. We invite you to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment with a member of our caring staff.

Why is a Pre-Pregnancy Visit Important?

Every stage of pregnancy is important and that includes before you even become pregnant. After conception and implantation occurs, a baby immediately starts developing. Ensuring that you are healthy will make it more likely that your baby will be healthy too. While that does not mean that unplanned pregnancies will result in poor health for a mother or child, if you know you are planning to get pregnant that knowledge gives you an opportunity to prevent health issues that could have been avoided.

There are certain health conditions or factors that can impact your fertility, which include but are not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Having a healthy weight
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Drug use

Additionally, these may impede the development of your baby and are ideally addressed prior to becoming pregnant. We can assist you with managing any medical conditions you may already have as well as offer guidance on dietary or lifestyle changes that are necessary for a healthy pregnancy. All of these will either be assessed or discussed as part of your pre-pregnancy visit.

What to Expect During a Pre-Pregnancy Visit?

During your visit, we will perform a physical exam to gauge your overall health. A pelvic exam and pap smear may also be recommended. From there, we will talk about when you want to get pregnant and what your family planning goals are overall. Some topics that we will discuss include:

  • Sexual and reproductive history
  • Current or previous medical conditions
  • Surgical history
  • Current medications you are taking
  • Family medical history
  • Exercise frequency
  • Environmental factors

Genetic counseling may be suggested for mothers-to-be who are older or who have a family history of certain disorders. We will also assist you with learning how to track your menstrual cycle so you will know when you are ovulating, which is the only time you can become pregnant.

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Rely on Rock Hill GYN & OB for family planning including pre-pregnancy visits. Contact us to schedule an appointment to give your pregnancy journey the healthiest start possible.