Our practice takes pride in being a leader in reproductive medicine. Through our obstetrics services, we support women throughout their pregnancy journey—before, during and after giving birth. As a patient-focused group of healthcare providers, our goal is to provide compassionate care that places your health first. We always consider your individual needs and circumstances to create a customized healthcare plan that works for you.

What is Reproductive Medicine?

Reproductive medicine is an umbrella term that refers to a specific branch of medicine. This field encompasses all aspects of a woman’s fertility, reproduction, reproductive problems, family planning, pregnancy, and childbirth. When applied to obstetrics services with Rock Hill GYN & OB, reproductive medicine means we are here for you.

Our Approach to Reproductive Care


Through preconception counseling, you can ensure your health is at its best before conceiving a child. Regardless of what birthing options you prefer, you can make your intentions known so our physicians can help you strive for the birth experience that you want. With that in mind, plans can change if your health may be at risk. Feel confident you will have knowledgeable and caring support from medical professionals that have your best interest at heart.

Receive imperative prenatal care and testing necessary for you and your developing baby. If there is a concern with your health or that of your baby, it can be addressed immediately. In the event that your pregnancy is high risk, you will have more frequent appointments up until you go into labor to monitor your health and your baby’s development even closer. Our obstetrical anesthesiologists can provide you with safe and quality care for you and your baby.

Pregnancy is only the beginning of a very special and life-changing experience. Going into labor for the first time can feel daunting, but we prepare you as much as possible so you can have a healthy and fulfilling labor and delivery experience. No matter what happens—whether you experience natural childbirth, require an epidural, have a C-section or experience complications—remember that the ultimate goal is a healthy mother and healthy baby. Of course, the journey does not end once your baby is born. We provide first-rate postpartum care to help you through this next chapter including assistance with postpartum depression or hemorrhage if they occur.


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