Flu Symptoms in Fort Mill

Piedmont Urgent Care Center at Baxter Village provides urgent care services for patients experiencing cold or flu symptoms in Fort Mill, South Carolina. While most colds can be managed at home with fluids, rest, and over-the-counter pain medications, sometimes symptoms become severe, or the illness is not the common cold at all, but the flu. When this happens, our compassionate staff is here to provide expeditious care for you or your family.

You should seek medical care for a cold or flu if you or your loved one:

• Have trouble breathing
• Have chest pain
• Have a fever that doesn't get better
• Are unable to keep fluids down
• Have pain when swallowing
• Have a cough that doesn’t go away
• Have congestion or a headache that doesn’t go away

Our convenient online check-in tool makes it easy to reserve your time online and comfortably wait at home for your appointment, at which time we will provide the care you need to treat your cold or flu symptoms and help you feel better quickly!