Ultrasound Privacy Policy

PMC Maternal Fetal Medicine does not permit recording or photographs of ultrasound visits unless authorized by the provider. We do understand the importance of capturing these milestones, so there will be ultrasound images given to you at the end of each visit.

Many families ask about 3D/4D photos and these are attempted at the end of the session if the fetus is in a "photographic" position. These recreational images would be given to the patient as a courtesy and with no charge. The 3D/4D images are not always able to be obtained due to many technically limiting factors of ultrasound, but an attempt will be happily made.

We understand that Covid has caused many families to feel isolated from normally intimate family events, so we will do our best to include loved ones that are remote and unable to be present. Please alert the sonographer prior to the study that at the end you would like to phone one special person into the visit.

With our current restricted visitor policy, accommodations can be made based upon the discretion of the provider. We are a medical facility and provide the highest level of obstetric care. We cannot guarantee recreational photos are possible.