Annual Exams & Well-Woman Care

Stay Healthy with an Annual Exam & Well-Woman Care

Make your health a priority with an annual exam along with comprehensive well-woman care from Carolina OB/GYN in Rock Hill, SC. The dedicated physicians at our facility help you stay proactive about your health, so you can focus on prevention. During a visit to our office, we want you to feel comfortable being open about your lifestyle and discussing any concerns you may have regarding your physical, emotional, and reproductive health. From there, we can provide guidance and create an effective treatment plan if necessary. We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment with a member of our caring staff.

What to Expect from Your Annual Exam

At Carolina OB/GYN, we take pride in providing a comfortable and welcoming environment. You are the focus of this visit as we assess your physical and reproductive health. You can expect us to measure and record vital signs as well as other basic health data, including:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Temperature
  • Respiration rate

We will also ask you questions about your menstrual cycle to learn if you have symptoms such as heavy or painful periods, bleeding in between periods, or any other discomfort or irregularities that might need to be addressed. Please feel free to speak openly and freely about any concerns or questions you may have. Depending on your age, sexual history, and medical history, we may perform other exams during your wellness visit.

Pelvic Exam

Around ages 18 to 21, or if you are sexually active, we recommend a physical pelvic exam on a yearly basis to evaluate the health of your reporductive organs. This should be painless and only takes a few minutes to determine if there are any abnormalities present. We may also perform a pap smear in which a swab is taken of the inside of the cervix to test for cervical cancer. Depending on your exact age, we suggest having a pap smear about every 3 – 5 years.

Breast Exam

As a part of detailed well-woman care, your physician may perform a breast exam. This is both visual and physical, to assess the size and shape of your breasts and to feel if there are any lumps. The presence of one or more lumps may not be as alarming as it seems. It could be a benign cyst, an infection, or cancer, but it is important not to jump to any conclusions. We will evaluate any irregularities further to rule out all possibilities and create a treatment plan if necessary. Performing a self breast exam at least once a month can help you stay aprise of any changes in your body as well.

Schedule Your Appointment

We know how hectic life can be, but we urge you not to put off your annual exam. Instead of waiting until a problem arises, stay up-to-date with regular well-woman care from our dedicated medical team. Call our office at 803-399-7430 to speak with a member of our caring staff who will connect you with all of the patient resources you need to ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible.